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Your brand needs to be strategic, because it has a job to do. 

A good brand removes—every barrier—between your customer and your product. Well designed, and tested strategies will highlight, address and circumnavigate those barriers. 

We work alongside our clients to design (and re-design) brands that convert. Because, well designed brands make sales. It's that simple.

*And yes, you can start a sentence with because.


Market Research

Journey Mapping

Brand Management Strategy

Branded Customer Experience

Partnership Development Strategy

Sales and Conversion Strategy


UX Design


Graphic Design


Website Build and launch


Brand Audit



Logo Design

Brand Guidelines Manual


Business Growth Consultation

Branded Interior Design Consultation

Automation Mapping Consultation

On-boarding Funnels Consultation

Client Care Consultation


Package Design

Business Cards

Investor Decks


Print Ads

Signage and Wayfinding



Google Analytics

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Video Production

Automation SaaS Products

We have carefully vetted partnerships with other service providers, which allows us to extend our agency offerings.


Frequently asked questions

How come you don't have set pricing?

Every business is unique, and so to must be their strategies. We first have to understand your business, goals, needs and existing resources before we can engineer your brand strategies.

What is a typical project turnaround time?

We never miss our deadlines, so we are very diligent about planning your project into our workflow. For smaller projects, or projects for ongoing clients, our turn around time is typically between 1 — 4 weeks. However, we typically book new or large projects 1 — 3 months in advance. We do this to ensure quality and our commitment to effective strategies. That said, in a pinch, we can turn around high performance rush projects.

Is there a free consultation?

Absolutely. The time allocated for your consultation will vary between 30-60 minutes, based on the size of your project and the size of your company. PLEASE NOTE: we will only offer a free consultation to a company who is 1. clear on their needs and 2. ready to book their project for initiation in the next 3-6 months. If you don't have clarity on your needs, or you are just starting out, you can book an initial exploratory consultation (which will result in recommendations for your project).

What's your process?

Our process is designed to be communicative and clear at every stage. Our goal is always to be clear on expectations, to produce a high preforming and refined product and to set our clients up for future success. Stage One: Evaluation Assessing the mutual fit, as well as all details required to understand the project and create a plan and estimate. Stage Two: Onboarding Securing the project in our workflow through a 50% deposit and contract. Gathering all details and getting on the same page in terms or resources, deliverables, timelines and expectations. Stage Three: Execution and Collaboration The entire creative team executes and delivers based on the mutually agreed upon workflow, in a cycle of submission, review, refinement and delivery. Stage Four: Refine and Launch Project leads assemble at a final review session to go through the suite of deliverables and to request and final changes before launch. Stage Five: Efficacy Assurance Post launch we will check in at pre-determined times to ensure asset efficacy and performance. Interested in learning more about our process? Check out this handy dandy diagram

Who's doing the work?

Due to Covid-19 we have switched our business model to that of a remote workforce. Our Director of Strategy and Creative Director will be leading our remote team of professionals to develop and deliver your project. You will be working directly with your dedicated project lead.

What are the benefits of hiring Black Sheep?

1. Quality We have developed efficient systems that allow us to innovate beautiful creative works, professionally; which sets us apart from most other agencies. 2. Strategy Our notorious strategy design process transforms the complex and overwhelming number of variables and options into an insightful, intuitive and actionable plan. 3. Stoke We only work with clients whose products and services—we genuinely stand behind. When we onboard a new creative partner, we will show up for their business as hard as they do