Do you REALLY need social media?

Let’s talk about social media, friends. (Or the lack thereof).

Social Media can be such a significant piece of a business’ brand strategy, but has a low immediate ROI (return on investment) and requires nearly full time effort. It’s understandable why most of our clients feel confounded, frustrated and demotivated by it. Sometimes, we do too.

For those businesses that are a one or two wo/man show, Social Media is going to filter itself straight to the bottom of your priorities (somewhere next to bookkeeping and remembering to pay your parking tickets). Enter: the psychological process of guilt & avoidance, and now you’ve got a problem on your hands. Perfect.

We know this all too well, because it happened to us.

You may have noticed our Social Media hiatus this spring. An insane workload combined with an international work trip made it ‘virtually’ (ha!) impossible to keep up with posting. It happens to the best of us, and if this sounds like you, then you are in some mighty fine company.

Black Sheep grew a little too quickly last year, and just like any other business, certain tasks (such as social media) tend to get pushed aside when we are investing all of our time into what we do. This can be framed as working IN the business instead of ON the business.

When a business is suffering a deficiency, whether it’s inconsistent social media, low profit margins or poor customer service— it’s the symptom of a problem.

You can’t grow with problems, because they’ll grow with you.

Luckily, problem solving is at the heart of what we do, so it didn’t take us long to get our Schmidt together. We took a few months off of working IN the company, and have instead spent the summer working ON the company.


Problems can be traced back to tasks (and the people who own those tasks). When a task that belongs to a business owner is falling by the wayside, one of three things is happening:

  • The task is redundant or unnecessary.

  • The owner doing the task doesn’t have the skills to do it.

  • The owner doing the task doesn’t have the motivation to do it.

In our case, the task is necessary and we have the skills to do it, but our motivation is low because we are all a bunch of workaholics. Naturally our solution was to take the leap and make Social Media a role in our company. We now have a wonderful human who devotes 100% of their time to nurturing and growing that task.


So, how does this apply to you? If you are a business owner who is baffled and frustrated by Social Media, take a good long look at yourself and push your ego to the side. Being self aware is one of the main indicators of success in business, so sit your butt down for a minute and ask yourself the three following questions:

  1. Does my business truly need social media? (It’s better to have no social media than poorly managed social media.)

  2. Do I have the motivation do actually do it every day? (Be real with yourself, people can tell when there is no heart in what you are doing.)

  3. Do you have the skills to do it? (If you just can’t nail photography style, and no amount of training can get you there, then you have to accept that.)

All done?

Bueno, now that you’ve drilled down to the heart of the matter you have three options:

Get rid of social media and put those energies elsewhere (customer retention for instance).

Do it better yourself: make the task fun or train yourself to do it better.

Get someone else to do it better: if it’s important to your business, and you can’t do it, then find someone who can (either paid or on trade).

Boom! Problem Solved.

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